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• Music production of singles, EPs, and full albums

o production assistance

o songwriting assistance

o engineering

o mixing

o sideman performance on additional tracks

• Audio post production for film, TV, and video games


o foley

o sound design

o 5.1 surround mix

• Soundtrack & underscore composition

o feature music

o underscore

o beds

o orchestral, electronic, rock, jazz, and folk/acoustic genres

• Voiceovers

o voiceover talent

o composition and production of original background score

o licensing of music from Kavode’s library for background score

• Professional in-studio music lessons

o piano/keys, classical guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass (fretted and fretless), double bass, Chapman Stick®, sitar, dulcimer, drums, percussion, voice

o music theory (sight-reading, harmony, chords, scales, dynamics, songwriting)

o technique (quality tone production, blend, intonation, articulation)

o musicality (listening, emoting/feeling, phrasing, improvisation)

o stage presence and performance etiquette

o classical, jazz, pop, and rock genres

o all ages, all levels

o lessons recorded and provided via mp3 for home review at no additional cost

o Full Teaching/Directing Résumé available here

• Production and Pro Tools instruction

o workflow, signal path, plugins, automation

o mixing and mastering


KAVODE STUDIOS (Production & Music Instruction)