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Services provided on an hourly basis:

• Artist/image consultation

o creating a marketable image

o developing proper stage presence and etiquette

o assembling and working with a band and running rehearsals

o securing bookings

o promoting shows/music

• Concert/tour/festival/event consultation

o concept development

o securing collateral

o booking

o marketing

o staffing

o accounting and legal

o event management

• Booking services

o shows/concerts

o appearances

o tours

• Musician/accompanist services

o piano/keys, acoustic/classical/electric guitar, electric/upright bass, Chapman Stick®, dulcimer, sitar, drums

o full bands - top 40, jazz, rock, fusion, world, folk

Kavode Entertainment is also a proud presenter, promoter, and sponsor of various cultural events, programs, and organizations including:

o Shut Up & Play instrumental music festival

o Central Florida Jazz Society hosted events

o Orlando Jazz Cooperative™ / Orlando Jazz Community

o Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

o Various local, regional, and national musical acts

KAVODE ENTERTAINMENT (Consultation & Promotion)